How to become a DocStop doctor

In order to further expand the network for medical care on the road for professional drivers, the DocStop initiative is looking for additional medical practices that are willing to treat lorry drivers promptly in the event of illness. Medical practices or other medical care facilities in the DocStop network should fulfil the following requirements:

  • The practice or hospital must be located close to busy routes used by lorries or long-distance coaches.
  • A car park, service area or haulage yard suitable for trucks and buses must be available nearby.
  • Medical treatment must begin as soon as possible after the driver arrives at the care centre. Waiting times must be avoided.

Become part of the DocStop medical network! It's very simple:

Send an informal email to with the following details:

  • Name and type of medical practice (general practitioner, specialist, dentist, etc.)
  • Address and contact details, possibly emergency number outside consultation hours
  • Opening hours
  • Details of the nearest lorry parking area, haulage company or service area where sick lorry drivers can park.

We will then include your practice in our directory of DocStop doctors.