The DocStop Board

The job of a driver is certainly one of the most demanding and responsible tasks that can be carried out with comparable training. Even a small lapse of attention can lead to a serious accident, which can have very serious consequences for everyone involved due to the large mass of a commercial vehicle. For this reason alone, it is important that the driver is in good health at the wheel. However, my experience as a haulage company has shown that it is very difficult and sometimes impossible for individuals to see a doctor on the road. Where can a complete lorry be parked near a doctor's surgery? Does the doctor even have time for another patient in a foreign city and how does a longer waiting time for the driver affect the complex scheduling of his tour?

This is exactly where DocStop comes in. With the combined efforts of volunteers, drivers are given the opportunity to park their lorries at a designated location at a truck stop or on a haulage site. From there, it is a short journey to the doctor, who then treats him immediately. This means that the driver can continue his journey with good medical care, if the diagnosis allows. The very uncomplicated and free set-up of the DocStop service makes drivers less reluctant to accept this assistance.

We look forward to many more partners, supporters and helping hands for DocStop.

Yours sincerely
Joachim Fehrenkötter