How to become a DocStop contact point

As a rule, DocStop drop-off points are located near main roads where heavy lorry traffic is to be expected. The prerequisite for a DocStop drop-off point is a sufficiently large car park that is suitable for lorries and where sick drivers can park for the duration of their visit to the doctor. Another prerequisite is a nearby doctor's surgery, dental practice or clinic that is already able to treat sick lorry drivers promptly. If you would like to register your company as a DocStop contact point, talk to a doctor or doctors in the vicinity of your company in advance to see if they are prepared to treat lorry drivers who fall ill on the road. The doctor's surgery should not be more than four kilometres away from the truck parking area. 

To register your company location, branches or subsidiaries as DocStop contact points, simply send us an informal e-mail to with the exact address and contact details (telephone) of the location and details of the nearby doctor (name, address and contact details of the practice and distance from your location). We will then contact you and send you further information, information material and stickers for labelling.

Further information on the DocStop for Europeans association can be found here >.