What is DocStop?

DocStop für Europäer e.V. is a non-profit association that works to improve medical care for truck and bus drivers on the road. Unlike office workers, truck drivers cannot simply visit their family doctor if they fall ill on the road. That is why DocStop members have worked voluntarily to build up a network of doctors and contact points where professional drivers can get medical help quickly and easily. Today, the network includes more than 1200 contact points and doctors. DocStop contact points with medical care in the vicinity already exist in Germany, Austria, France and Denmark.

The free DocStop hotline on the international standard number 008000 DOCSTOP (008000 3627867) provides drivers with information about a doctor near their location. All DocStop contact points and doctors can also be found on the association's website and in many driver apps.

In addition to providing medical care on the road, DocStop also works to improve the working and living conditions of truck drivers. To this end, DocStop has, for example, launched the SaniStop initiative to provide drivers with easy access to showers, washrooms and toilets on the road.

Further information on the DocStop für Europäer e.V. association can be found here >.